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Bellows seal single-seat control valve

The single-seat control valve with bellows seal is a kind of control valve with top guiding structure. The upper cover adopts bellows seal structure, which can completely eliminate the possibility of leakage of process medium from the movement gap of the valve stem. This is one of the remarkable characteristics of bellows seal valve. Due to the deformability and excellent aging resistance of bellows, this kind of control valve completely overcomes the weaknesses of packing aging and temperature sensitivity which usually exist in packing sealing valves. Secondly, the double sealing structure of bellows and fillers is adopted, which has better safety and reliability. Therefore, it is widely used in the automatic control system of rare and special media, such as highly toxic, highly corrosive, radioactive and so on.


_The valve body is compact and the flow passage is S-streamlined.

_Pressure drop loss is small, flow rate is large, adjustable range is wide;

Type of spool: pressure balanced spool; large guiding area of spool, good vibration resistance;

_Core type: single-seat plunger core;

Flow characteristics: high capacity flow characteristics;

Metal Seats: Equal Percentage Characteristic (%) and Linear Characteristic (L);

_Soft seat: equal percentage characteristic (%) and linear characteristic (L);

_With multi-spring film actuator, the structure is compact and the output force is large.


Metal seats: up to standard ANSI Bl6.104IV, less than 0.01% of rated CV;

PTFE Seat: Standard ANSI Bl6.104 VI, less than 10-7 rated Cv;

_Backlash: 5% (without positioning device); 3% (with positioning device);

_Linearity: +11% (without positioning device), +3% (with positioning device);

_Adjustable range: 50:1 (0.25 < Cv < 14) or 30:1 (CV < 0.16);

Note: Standard V-type PTFE filler is used.

technical specifications

The nominal diameter is DN40-200 (1-1/2"-8").

_The pressure level is PN10-PN100 (CL125-CL600);

Main materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy;

Internal materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy;

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