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Stainless Pneumatic Actuator

Working Technical Conditions:

Use medium: compressed air, non-corrosive gas and oil;

Pressure range: 2-8 bar for double action and 2-8 bar for single action.

Working temperature: Standard type (using nitrile rubber O-ring) - 20 ~80 C;

                                   Low temperature type (using low temperature nitrile butadiene rubber O-ring) - 35 +80;

                                   High temperature type (using fluororubber O-ring) - 15 ~150 C;

Travel adjustment: piston position at both ends has an adjustable range of<4 degrees;

Lubrication: Under normal working conditions, there is no need to add lubricant;

Installation: Suitable for indoor or outdoor installation;

Maximum operating pressure: input pressure not exceeding 10 bar.

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